Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What is blue light?


What is blue light? Blue light is the visible light spectrum to human eyes, It can penetrate into our eyeball and enter the fundus, resulting in irreversible damage against our eyes. Blue light used to be only from the Sun, but nowadays, all digital screens around us can emit a huge amount of blue-ray. For people who require to use a computer or tablet for most of the day or teenagers who use electronic devices for playing games, a pair of blue light filtering glasses is necessary to get your eyes under protection.



How does blue light affect us?


Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause corresponding harm to our eyes like eye strain,  sore eyes, blurry visions, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, stiff necks, physical or mental fatigue, also it will affect our vision clarity and sharpness.


And our kids also face the risk caused by blue light emitted from digital devices. With technology development, they have more chances to use digital tools. The harm caused by the blue ray is increasingly high for our children. To strictly supervise and shorten the screen time is one way, the other way to get kids eyes protected is blue light filtering glasses.