Men Eyeglasses

Explore men's eyeglasses from casual full-frame to professional and austere semi-rimless, from thin metal gold frame to fashion-forward clear frame style, you can expect to find a pair of stylish men eyeglasses in new or classic eyewear shape style. We got round circle ones, rectangular, hipster square, semi-round in a variety of frame colors ready for you to choose from.


These eyeglasses can be made into prescription ones, and you have blue-light blocking options and photochromic lens options to add. No matter you work at a computer all day or you do a lot of outdoor activities, our eyewear can deliver perfect performance in protecting your eyes inside or outside. 


Speaking of prescription eyeglasses, it usually costs a pretty penny. But here at, We have our own professional manufacturing and production team to customize your eyeglasses and don’t need to pay a large amount of middle cost. So that’s the reason why we can offer high-quality material made eyewear but at a low cost ( no more than $100 even if you have a strong prescription.