Prescription Sunglasses

The main reason that prescription sunglasses are highly recommended by most eyeglasses wearers is that it can not only enable sharp vision clarity during these hazy summer days but also provides great eye protection against harmful UV light from the sunshine whether it’s bright sunny days or overcast days.


If you spend a lot of time on outdoor activities or drive a lot, wearing RX shades is kind of a necessity thing. For men and women who are extremely sensitive to light and experience headaches after exposure to strong sunlight even for a few minutes, a pair of prescription sunglasses can help a lot in reducing the pain and the eye-strain caused by that.  


You can also get other lens options for RX sunglasses like blue light blocking and photochromic lenses, if you come inside and outside frequently, photochromic lenses will save a lot of trouble for you but also perform a fantastic function to protect your eyes.


Our sunshades come in a wide range of on-trendy frames designs like classic sporty aviators style, bold round frame style, professional austere rectangle and square, specs that show people around you mean for business and also offer sleek flair or classic vibe to complete daily wardrobe.