Reading Glasses

When we reach our 40s, our eyes get less flexible, we may have trouble ready a book or have blurry visions in dim light, that is called presbyopia and at this time buy reading glasses is a popular and perfect solution.


Reading glasses are also called readers, non-prescription readers. If you have vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism , you can find a add power on our prescription, the strength power you need for a bifocal reading glasses. If you did not have hyperopia and myopia before 40, you could do a test online to make sure the power for readers. And as age is the main factor lead to presbyopia, you may go with these suggestions to estimate, choose add power + 1.5 if you are 45 years old, +2.00 if you are 50 years old, +2.5 or + 3.0 if you are 60 years old.


We have wire frame & clear frame reading glasses for men and women. Check which one has won your most love.