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After your eye examinations, you can get a copy of your eyes prescription from the optician or optometrist. Please offer us most recent prescription data.

This tutorial blog have exclusively explaining all those specifications and numbers on your prescription. If you have any other things unclear, feel free to contact us.

Single vision lenses only offers single optical prescription and distribute focus evenly over the entire surface area of the lens, for farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism, or only for reading glasses. Most glasses wearers will choose single vision lenses. If have “ADD” number on your prescription besides Sphere or Cylinder , you might also need reading vision correction. You might need bifocal lenses then.

We recommend frames at least 28mm for bifocals lenses.

For bifocal lenses, there is visible lines between the distance view on the top and the reading view on the bottom. The distance is to help wearer sea things far away and the reading is for reading books or other things close.

For progressive lens, it’s basically bifocal lens without the line. It offers seamlessly transition from the distance vision to the close near vision and everything in between. Both types of lenses work fine for clear vision, however progressive lens are much more preferred by glasses wearer.

Only when you found a prism correction on your prescription, you will need it. Prism correction is for people who have double vision or vision displacement. With prism correction aligning separated images, wearers will no longer experience double vision.

Yes, we offer prism correction, please click “show more options” to enter prism correction on the page of “customize your prescription”

Cylinder indicates lens power need if you have astigmatism. If you doctor did not write Cylinder in your prescription, it mean you have no or little astigmatism to correct. If there is Cylinder power, then there must be Axis value included, usually follows CYL. It indicates the angle between two meridians of an astigmatic eye.  

Pupillary distance measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. Normally the optician will measure your PD on your prescription. For average adult, PD is between 54mm - 74mm. For kids, it will be 43 - 58mm. Pupillary distance should be offered for most accuracy of the prescription lens made. You can also measure PD yourself. We have a guide for that, Please check THE GUIDE

Yes, we do. You can customize the sunglasses you like with your prescription.

Yes, we do, you can customize your prescription with photochromic lenses.

On the prescription page “select your lens type”,please choose "photochromic lenses"

Photochromic lenses will only change color when exposed to direct UV rays. It also takes a few minutes to completely darken or lighten. The lenses will not darken in a car because most windshields glasses built with UV filters.

Yes, we do. You can add “ blue light blocking” lens type when you customize your prescription.

Yes, We do. We offer eyeglasses for kids. The frames are made of TR90, which is durable, flexible and lightweight. Comfortable for our sweetheart to wear

Sorry, the answer is no. As the manufacture process of basic color tint and photochromic lenses are different, and they can not be applied to same lens.

Sorry, unfortunately we do not support this service for this moment.

Tip 1: Please clean it with soft cotton towel or cleaning cloth. We will include a piece in your package.

Tip 2: Please clean lenses with warm water.

Tip 3: Please avoid using paper or issue to dry glasses. There is possibility of scratching your lenes.

Tip 4: If any grime need to be washed away, please use a soft toothbrush.

Tip 5: Water is enough to clean lenses. Please do not use any cleaners which will cause damages

Tip 6: Please keep your glasses in the eyewear case when you are not using them

Contact lens prescription is only for contact lens, prescription for contact lens and eyeglasses can not be used interchangeably. The main difference lies in the way prescription is measured. For contact lens, the prescription measures for lenses that sit directly on the surface of the eye. For prescription glasses, it measures for lenses that are positioned approximately 12 millimeters from eyes.

It’s based on your needs. If you use it for activities in daily life, choose Distance. If you only use it for reading, choose Reading. If you wanna use it for both distance and close vision, choose bifocal.

We note frame sizes on the product specification part. And Most frames are built with spring hinges which offers a bit more leeway for better fit and more comfort. If you did not find the frames that are suitable, please contact us and we will recommend a list of products for you.

Distance Vision: up to -14.00

Near Vision: up to +9.00

90% prescription lenses from Joopin is made from Polycarbonate lenses, a type of optical plastic polymer that enables excellent clarity and durability for wearers to use. This material is also available with frames. For stronger prescriptions, we also support high-index plastic lenses that are thinner and lighter than standard lenses.

For frames are available for prescription, you can see “add prescription” button on the product page. If not, than the frames does not support prescription.


We have been engaged in eyewear industry for over 10 years and have been manufacture eyewear products for top sellers on Amazon. This year, we expand our business into prescription glasses and have collaborated with our own exclusive factories. So there is no middlemen and retail cost and we are capable of maintaining excellence. Make sure all manufacturing details under control in perfect quality.

Creating an account and placing orders is highly recommended as it is more convenient for buyer to track orders. We guarantee no junk sales email into your inbox. If you prefer a quick checkout without signing up, we will send you follow-up confirmation about order and shipment.

Contact us via after you placed orders. We will send a sale invoice via email.

We have a exclusive page for guiding your steps to order on our website. Please check

We will only call you for emergency issues related to your order. For example if we found your prescription data might be wrong and we can not get in touch with you via email, we might call you to confirm. Customer’s benefits is our first priority to keep our business for long term run. Please be assured that we will not reveal your phone number for other uses.

You can apply your promo code in the check out page, the right column under the order details.

We sincerely appreciate your interests in ordering with us. Each order only support one coupon code. You can place two orders and use them separately

Please shoot us an email to with your name, order ID and the update information you wanna change. We will do everything we can to help you fix the issue. Please take action as soon as possible before we work on your eyewear prescription or before the package got sent out.

Yes, we do. We will confirm order information and address details, prescription information. Double or Triple check the package and make sure they got the best protection for delivery. To make sure everything we delivered is perfect, the product or the service.

Please send us your latest prescription info to and we will correct the prescription before your eyewear been on manufacture process. Please contact as soon as you can.

With our 30-day no question asked refund policy, you can apply one-time replacement for your new updated prescription and we will remake new pair for you. Shipping fees is on buyer’s liability

Yes, you can, choose the option “ send it later” and email us with your prescription when you got it at hand.

Thank you so much for loving our products. We do not offer frames without lenses for this moment. You can remove the lenses yourself when the products are received. If you need glasses without prescription, you can click “no” under the prescription option.

As the customization for lenses prescription has close connection to the frames they are fitted into, so we do not support ordering lenses independent of their frames. Sorry for that sincerely.


Please check details on our shipping policy page.

(1) For Non-Prescription Glasses

a. We have some exclusive items you can buy on Amazon. Choose to buy on Amazon, you can receive the items within 3-5 days. Available in United States, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy。

b. For other items, we will ship it from China. It take 10-14 business days for the delivery to be completed and arrive.

(2) For Prescription Glasses

a. For Single-vision glasses and reading glasses, there will be 3-5 processing days and 10-14 business days for delivery.

b. For Bifocal glasses, processing days will be 5-7 days. Delivery time will be 10-14 Days.

A. For items (There is a buy on Amazon button on product page) we have stock in Amazon warehouse, the delivery is fulfilled by Amazon.

B. For other glasses non-prescription and prescription, normally we use USPS for delivery. We also offer expedited shipping, shipping fees will be applied.

Yes, we do

(1) For standard shipping, free shipping when orders are over $29.99

(2) For Expedited shipping, free shipping when order are over $79.99

Please be assured that we will offer follow-up shipping information after we arranged your shipment and keep an eye on it for you closely. So there is small possibility of missing package. However If you did not receive your eyewear since 30 days of shipping confirmation letter from us, please contact us via After we checked and confirm with the shipping courier. We will take care of it for you.

All our products comes in exquisite package and you can order it as gift for your family, friends, the one you love. If you need us to include a gift card, please note when you order. We will make it for you, no extra charge.

Only expedited shipping is signature required. For standard shipping, if you need it, please contact us.


① Paypal. Paypal also supports pay with credit card or debit card without account needed.

② Credit Card or Debit Card (Pending, We will update this payment method online before 2021.1)

We use Shopify as website platform which offers secure server to all merchants and customers in the first place. And we have applied Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure all data is encrypted into our payment gateway database. In addition, Paypal is the most popular worldwide payment service, well known by its secure payment and protection of customer data.

Sorry, we can not accept flex spending or HSA for payment for this moment. Please be assured that we have team who are working on it.

Sorry we don't accept this payment method for this moment. But you get fully guaranteed with our refund policy. So If the glasses does not fit, you are free to apply a refund or exchange.

Refund & Return

Our mission is to guarantee your a simple easy online shopping for prescription eyewear. Get your covered anytime. No worries.

a. Be assure that we will double check everything within the process of making your pair and sending the package out. Ensure your eyewear delivered and received in perfect condition.

b. Any issues or problems, you are fully covered by our 30 Day no question asked refund, 1 year one-time replacement and life time guarantee.

c. We even cover damage by accidents within 30 days. Check more details about our refund policy.

We offer 30 days No Question Asked Refund and Return, 1 year exchange warranty and lifetime maintenance guarantee. Please check details on our refund policy page.

a. If you need to make a return and refund due to damages or any defects of the eyewear, feel free to apply it within 30days since you receive the package. Hassle Free. Please keep the item in unused condition and original package.

b. With 1 year warranty, you can enjoy one-time replacement for your pair due to manufacture errors or workmanship issues. Shipping fees will be applied.

Even though we try hard to deliver and complete your order perfectly, however, sometimes the shipping supplier does not fulfil their obligation as we expected (especially it’s tough time for delivery during covid-19) , don’t worry, you are fully entitled to apply a return and refund. No extra fees charged.

For most brand stores of eyewear prescription, they don’t cover damage by accident. Joopinfashion got you covered. Please send us a photo, we will remake a new pair at the discount 50% off of the original product price. Shipping Fees applied.

A. Under the follow circumstances, we will take care of the shipping fees of returning package

① Damaged or Defective eyewear on arrival

② Wrong Items Sent

③ Prescription Issues (Our liability)

④ Quality issues within 30days.

B. Under the following circumstances, buyer will need to pay shipping fees for returning

① Size not fit

② Color or shape does not reach expectations (Please allow reasonable color differences)

③ Just don't like it when got the pair

④ Wrong prescription input when ordered

C. For damages by accidents within 30days, we will charge 50% discount of the original product price and shipping fees to remake a pair for you.

D. For one-time replacement within 1 year warranty, buyer need to pay shipping fees of the new one.

We prefer your use USPS to send back your package if the shipping fees is on our liability. If you are responsible for the returning shipping fees under some circumstances listed above, Fedex is acceptable.

(1) It’s 30-day No Questions Asked Refund policy. You can directly apply a return and refund via your account with us. If you order the item with a quick checkout without creating account on our website, please email us We will offer you address for returning package. Once we receive it, we will issue a refund to the card you use to pay the order.

(2) We will cover your right, however if you met any issues or problems, please offer us a chance to fix it for you.

Our customer service will contact you once you return requirement is received and we will offer you address for receiving the returning package

You can visit the website of shipping courier you used and entering the tracking id to check your package at your convenience.

We will initiate a refund to the original card you use to pay for the order once we receive your package. As this is international shipping, it will take 10-14 days for the package to arrive and please allow us 1-3 days confirm the package and process the refund.

(1) Please notice the shipping fees will be applied if the return is on your liability.

(2) If you would like one time replacement for your pair and the new pair is coming at higher price, price difference will be charged.

(3) And if you wanna to replace a pair at lower price, we will refund you price difference.

(4) Non refundable for sales items or clearance items.

Customer Service

We are working on offering customer service via phone. For this moment, only email service is available.

Please contact or for any questions. 24hours / 7 days.

We will reply you once we checked your message within 24hours.