Joopin Sunglasses was started by Joanna in 1989. At that time, she was still a teenager who had a taste for fashion and was obsessed with stylish accessories, especially the eyewears. However, she was not able to afford these luxurious items and felt very dejected. One day, an idea came to her mind. She decided to establish a brand of her own and serve as the designer.


Joanna’s goal was to produce high-quality sunglasses but remain cost-effective at the same time, in an effort to meet the needs of teenagers. When it comes to the brand name, she was quite proud of her idea. She started it with “J”, the first letter of her name. “O” was doubled to resemble the shape of spectacle frames. “PIN” carries a meaning that the style of any single product is unique.


With time going by, Joopin continued to expand and it became more and more known to customers around the world. Now Joopin is a quite mature company engaged in sunglasses design, production and sales. Sunglasses of Joopin enjoy great popularity in more than 20 countries around the world. Regardless of your age and gender, there will always be a style for you.


See the world through Joopin!